Undergraduate Programmes

Courses Offered

St John College offers 3 year degree programmes in Arts (B.A.) and Science (B.Sc.) streams. We are affiliated to Nagaland University and follow subject-wise syllabi prescribed, these can be found on Nagaland University website, or directly by clicking on the honours programme titles below. Course outcomes can be viewed under the relevant ‘Course List’ page of this site.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Honours programmes offered in:

i) English ii) Economics iii) History   iv)  Political Science    v) Sociology   vi) Education

Students of all honours programmes will also sit papers in the following compulsory subjects:

i) English (Sem 1 & 2)    ii) Alternative English  (Sem 3 & 4)   iii) Environmental Studies (Sem 5 & 6)          

The elective subjects combinations offered are in all Hons subjects and philosophy (Pass Paper only).

Select any three Elective subjects and Hons Paper must be included. Most combinations are possible with the following exclusions:

i) Economics and Education combination is not permitted for anyone.

ii) History, Sociology, Philosophy combination is not permitted.

iii) English Hons with Political Science and Philosophy is not permitted.

 *For English Honours:   English honours, General English, Elective English and any two elective subjects are available.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Honours programmes offered in: English

i) Chemistry      ii) Botany     iii) Zoology         iv) Physics         v) Mathematics

Students of all honours programmes will also sit papers in the following compulsory subjects:

i) English (Sem 1 & 2)     ii) Environmental Studies  (Sem 5 & 6)            iii) Computer Science (Sem 3) 

The elective subjects combinations also offered in Computer Science (Pass Paper).

Elective subjects combinations:

i) Botany, Zoology & Chemistry.

ii) Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics.

iii) Physics, Computer Science & Mathematics

Eligibility for B.A .& B.Sc. Honours:

i) 45% in the subject in which one desires to take up honours. Boys entering Arts stream require 50%, or 55% for English and Political Science.

ii) 45% in aggregate to take up honours in a subject not available at the HSSLC an equivalent level, or if a student wishes to switch stream, i.e. a science student scoring an aggregate of 45% may take up any Arts subject (45% also required in English).