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Established in 2006, St.John College is an inspiring community of smart and genuinely nice people from across Nagaland

I would first like to thank our God for giving me this wonderful privilege to welcome you all to the St.John College website. We have developed this website to aid our prospective and current parents and students with general enquiries in relation to the college, fees structure and other academic concerns.

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Message from the chairman

I believe I should begin my introduction on how I became to be the Chairman of St. John School and College. In 1987 God spoke to me, saying that He wanted me to open up a school. I obviously had doubts on His plans since I was a business man not an educationist. He read my mind and spoke to me with this verse ‘My ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts’ (Isaiah 55:8) and I felt God saying “you just obey my command”. By faith my wife and I went ahead with the school and till this day we have not regretted this decision, instead the School has brought us closer to God.

Then in the year 2003, God spoke to me again and this time with the plans for a College. We were not financially prepared but with faith we went forward. We felt God's presence throughout our time establishing the college and finally the college was ready by 2006 with arts and science streams. By God's grace and miracle, St. John School and College has not only flourished academically but also spiritually.

From my past experiences, I have realized that it takes a strong team to help all students reach their highest potential, which is why I have, and will be, working collaboratively with the staff in St. John College alongside our Principal to provide an academic curriculum to help students succeed. The staff at St. John College will not only teach but also encourage the students to aim higher for their future. Alongside this I hope that our parents will also work with us hand in hand to encourage their children to aim higher. Our goal is to make the students think out of the box and not confine them to certain knowledge.

The college not only focuses on academics but also on informative extracurricular activities. We have in the past participated in activities such as Tobacco campaign, Arts and cultural program, literary day, sports day, Eco club which spreads awareness of important issues like global warming, deforestation and pollution, and in many more activities.

We as a team in St. John will make every effort to provide the finest graduates who are spiritually motivated, academically competent, and who are able to compete with the citizens from all across India and the world. Our desire as an institution is to produce students who will not only be successful but also accountable members of our society.

Mr. S. Moameren Ao

Chairman, St. John School & College, Dimapur

Meet the team

Mr. Peter John Banks

Administrative Head Of College

Setuomenuo Ao

Director of College