Courses in B.Sc. Semester VI

Course Pass/ Honours Course Code Course Title/ Name of the paper Course Outcome
Botany Pass BOT-601 Cell Biology and Genetics BOT601.pdf
Botany Pass BOT-602 Practical
Botany Honours BOT-603 Optional: Choice Based BOT603 (d).pdf
Botany Honours BOT-604 Project Work
Zoology Pass ZOO-601 Ecology and Applied Zoology ZOO601.pdf
Zoology Pass ZOO-602 Practical
Zoology Honours ZOO-603 Optional: Choice Based ZOO603.pdf
Zoology Honours ZOO-604 Project Work
Chemistry Pass CHEM-601 Physical CHEM601.pdf
Chemistry Pass CHEM-602 Practical
Chemistry Honours CHEM-603 Optional: Choice Based CHEM603.pdf
Chemistry Honours CHEM-604 Project Work
Physics Pass PHY 601 Atomic Physics, Particle Physics & cosmic Rays PHY601.pdf
Physics Pass PHY 602 Practical
Physics Honours PHY 604 Optional: Choice Based PHY604.pdf
Physics Pass MAT 601 Mechanics II and Vector Analysis MATH601.pdf
EVS Pass EVS-II Environmental Studies EVS601.pdf
Physics Honours PHY 605 Practical

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