Courses in B.A. Semester VI

Course Pass/ Honours Course Code Course Title/ Name of the paper Course Outcome
English Honours ENG (H) 605 Literary Theory ENG605.pdf
English Honours EL ENG 602 Indian Writing and English ENG602.pdf
English Honours ENG (H) 606 American Literature ENG606.pdf
History Pass HIS 601 Modern World HIS601.pdf
History Honours HIS 602 Political history of the Nagas HIS602.pdf
History Honours HIS 603 Historiography HIS603.pdf
Political Science Pass POL-601 Public Administration POL601.pdf
Political Science Honours POL-602 Indian Administration POL602.pdf
Political Science Honours POL-606 Project Paper
Political Science Honours POL 605 International Law POL605.pdf
Philosophy Pass PHI 601 Social and political philosophy PHI601.pdf
Economics Pass ECO-601 Indian Economy-II ECO601.pdf
Economics Honours ECO-602 Economics of Environment ECO602.pdf
Economics Honours ECO-603 Financial Institutions and Markets ECO603 (b).pdf
Sociology Pass SOC 601 Indian Society SOC601.pdf
Sociology Honours SOC 602 Urban Sociology and one optional SOC602.pdf
Education Pass EDN 601 Educational Technology EDU601.pdf
Education Honours EDN 602 Guidance and Counseling in Education EDU602.pdf
Education Honours EDN 603 Curriculum Development and Construction
EVS Pass EVS II Environmental Studies EVS601.pdf

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