Courses in B.Sc. Semester V

Course Pass/ Honours Course Code Course Title/ Name of the paper Course Outcome
Botany Pass BOT-501 Biochemistry and plant breeding BOT501.pdf
Botany Pass BOT-502 Practical
Botany Honours BOT-503 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology BOT503.pdf
Botany Honours BOT-504 Practical
Zoology Pass ZOO-501 Biochemistry and Genetics ZOO501.pdf
Zoology Pass ZOO-502 Practical
Zoology Honours ZOO-503 Genetics/Applied Zoology/ Environmental Management ZOO503.pdf
Zoology Honours ZOO-504 Practical
Chemistry Pass CHEM-501 Organic (Theory) CHEM501.pdf
Chemistry Pass CHEM-502 Practical
Chemistry Honours CHEM-503 Analytical Chemistry & Applications of Spectroscopy CHEM503.pdf
Chemistry Honours CHEM-504 Advanced Practical-II (Physical, Inorganic and Organic)
Physics Pass PHY 501 Nuclear Physics I and Solid State Physics I PHY501.pdf
Physics Pass PHY 502 Practical
Physics Honours PHY 503 Electrodynamics II and Electronics II PHY503.pdf
Physics Pass MAT 501 Mechanics I and Numerical Methods MATH501.pdf
EVS Pass EVS-I Environmental Studies EVS501.pdf

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