Courses in B.A. Semester V

Course Pass/ Honours Course Code Course Title/ Name of the paper Course Outcome
English Honours EL ENG 501 Literary criticism ENG501.pdf
English Honours ENG (H) 502 Fiction & Language Skills ENG502.pdf
English Honours ENG (H) 503 Literary Criticism ENG503.pdf
History Pass HIS 501 History of Europe HIS501.pdf
History Honours HIS 502 History of Christianity in Nagaland 1813-1972 HIS502.pdf
History Honours HIS 503 Social and economic history of modern Indian (18th -20th century) HIS503.pdf
Political Science Pass POL-501 Comparative Government and Politics POL501.pdf
Political Science Honours POL-502 Issues in World Politics POL502.pdf
Political Science Honours POL 503 Local self government in India POL503.pdf
Philosophy Pass PHI 501 Ethics (Western and Indian) PHI501.pdf
Economics Pass ECO-501 Indian Economy-I ECO501.pdf
Economics Honours ECO-502 Economics of Growth and Development ECO502.pdf
Economics Honours ECO-503 Agricultural Economics ECO503 (a).pdf
Sociology Pass SOC 501 Marriage, family and kinship SOC501.pdf
Sociology Honours SOC 502 Rural Society and one optional SOC502.pdf
Education Pass EDN 501 Education in Modern India EDU501.pdf
Education Honours EDN 502 Statistics in Education EDU502.pdf
Education Honours EDN 503 Educational thoughts & Practices EDU503.pdf
EVS Pass EVS-I Environmental Studies EVS501.pdf

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