Courses in B.Sc. Semester IV

Course Pass/ Honours Course Code Course Title/ Name of the paper Course Outcome
Botany Pass BOT-401 Plant Physiology and Ecology BOT401.pdf
Botany Pass BOT-402 Practical
Botany Honours BOT-403 Environmental Biology and Phytogeography BOT403.pdf
Botany Honours BOT-404 Practical
Zoology Pass ZOO-401 Developmental Biology and Physiology ZOO401.pdf
Zoology Pass ZOO-402 Practical
Zoology Honours ZOO-403 Chordates and Physiology ZOO403.pdf
Zoology Honours ZOO-404 Practical
Chemistry Pass CHEM-401 Inorganic CHEM401.pdf
Chemistry Pass CHEM-402 Practical
Chemistry Honours CHEM-403 Quantum Chemistry & Molecular Spectroscopy CHEM403.pdf
Chemistry Honours CHEM-404 Practical
Physics Pass PHY 401 Electronics I and Optics PHY401.pdf
Physics Pass PHY 402 Practical
Physics Honours PHY 403 Mathematical Physics III and Quantum Mechanics II PHY403.pdf
Physics Pass MAT 401 Advanced Calculus II and Analytical Geometry MATH401.pdf

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