Courses in B.A. Semester IV

Course Pass/ Honours Course Code Course Title/ Name of the paper Course Outcome
English Pass ALTE (BA) 401 Prose, Poetry, Play & Language Skills / Ao /Hindi /Lotha /Tenyidie /Sumi ENG401.pdf
English Honours EL ENG 402 Fiction & Applied Language Skills ENG402.pdf
English Honours ENG (H) 403 Drama & Composition ENG403.pdf
History Pass HIS 401 Indian Nationalism HIS401.pdf
History Honours HIS 402 History of the United States of America HIS402.pdf
Political Science Pass POL-401 Indian Government and Politics (B) POL401.pdf
Political Science Honours POL-402 International Politics POL402.pdf
Philosophy Pass PHI 401 Outlines of Indian Philosophy - II PHI401.pdf
Economics Pass ECO-401 Macro Economics-II ECO401.pdf
Economics Honours ECO-402 International Economics ECO402.pdf
Sociology Pass SOC 401 Modern Sociological Theories SOC401.pdf
Sociology Honours SOC 402 Social Movements SOC402.pdf
Education Pass EDN 401 Philosophical Foundations of Education EDU401.pdf
Education Honours EDN 402 Educational Measurement and Evaluation EDU402.pdf

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