Courses in B.Sc. Semester III

Course Pass/ Honours Course Code Course Title/ Name of the paper Course Outcome
Botany Pass BOT-301 Morphology, Anatomy and Angiosperm Taxonomy BOT301.pdf
Botany Pass BOT-302 Practical
Botany Honours BOT-303 Ethnobotany, Economic Botany and Biometric BOT303.pdf
Botany Honours BOT-304 Practical
Zoology Pass ZOO-301 Cell and Molecular Biology I ZOO301.pdf
Zoology Pass ZOO-302 Practical
Zoology Honours ZOO-303 Cell and Molecular Biology II ZOO303.pdf
Zoology Honours ZOO-304 Practical
Chemistry Pass CHEM-301 Physical CHEM301.pdf
Chemistry Pass CHEM-302 Practical
Chemistry Honours CHEM-303 Physical CHEM303.pdf
Chemistry Honours CHEM-304 Practical
Physics Pass PHY 301 Electrodynamics I and Quantum Mechanics I PHY301.pdf
Physics Pass PHY 302 Practical
Physics Honours PHY 303 Thermodynamics & Statistical Physics PHY303.pdf
Physics Pass MAT 301 Advanced Calculus I and Higher Trigonometry MATH301.pdf
Computer Science Pass CSC-301 Computer and its application CSC301.pdf

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