Courses in B.A. Semester II

Course Pass/ Honours Course Code Course Title/ Name of the paper Course Outcome
English Pass ENG (G) 201 Drama, Prose & Language Skills ENG201.pdf
English Honours EL ENG 202 Poetry & Applied Language Skills ENG202.pdf
English Honours ENG (H) 203 History of English Language & Literature Terms ENG203.pdf
History Pass HIS 201 History of India (Post Maurya to Delhi Sultanate) HIS201.pdf
History Honours HIS 202 East Asia (1840-1949) HIS202.pdf
Political Science Pass POL 201 Political Theory: Ideas and Concepts (B) POL201.pdf
Political Science Honours POL 202 Western Political Thought POL202.pdf
Philosophy Pass PHI 201 Western Philosophy - II PHI201.pdf
Economics Pass ECO 201 Micro Economics-II ECO201.pdf
Economics Honours ECO 202 Quantitative Technique-II (Statistics) ECO202.pdf
Sociology Pass SOC 201 Social Stratification and Social Mobility SOC201.pdf
Sociology Honours SOC 202 Social Research Methods - II SOC202.pdf
Education Pass EDN 201 Sociological Foundations of Education EDU201.pdf
Education Honours EDN 202 Educational Management EDU202.pdf

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