Courses in B.Sc. Semester I

Course Pass/ Honours Course Code Course Title/ Name of the paper Course Outcome
English Pass ENG 105 Fiction, Poetry, Grammar & Composition ENG105.pdf
Botany Pass BOT-101 Biodiversity I BOT101.pdf
Botany Pass BOT-102 Practical
Botany Honours BOT-103 Microbiology and Plant Pathology BOT103.pdf
Botany Honours BOT-104 Practical
Zoology Pass ZOO-101 Introduction to Non-Chordates (Theory) ZOO101.pdf
Zoology Pass ZOO-102 Practical
Zoology Honours ZOO-103 Evolutionary Biology and Animal Behaviour ZOO103.pdf
Zoology Honours ZOO-104 Practical
Chemistry Pass CHEM-101 Inorganic CHEM101.pdf
Chemistry Pass CHEM-102 Practical
Chemistry Honours CHEM-103 Inorganic CHEM103.pdf
Chemistry Honours CHEM-104 Practical
Physics Pass PHY 101 Mechanics, Properties of Matter, Relativity and Electricity PHY101.pdf
Physics Pass PHY 102 Practical
Physics Honours PHY 103 Mathematical Physics I PHY103.pdf
Maths Pass MAT 101 Calculus I and Algebra I MATH101.pdf

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