Courses in B.A. Semester I

Course Pass/Honours Course Code Course Title/ Name of the paper Course Outcome
English Pass ENG (G) 101 Poetry, Basic English usage & Language Skills ENG101.pdf
English Honours EL ENG 102 Poetry, Grammar & Language Skills ENG102.pdf
English Honours ENG (H) 103 History of English Literature ENG103.pdf
History Pass HIS 101 History of India upto the Mauryas HIS101.pdf
History Honours HIS 102 History of North East India (1822-1972) HIS102.pdf
Philosophy Pass PHI 101 Western Philosophy - I PHI101.pdf
Political Science Pass POL 101 Political Theory: Ideas and Concepts (A) POL101.pdf
Political Science Honours POL 102 Indian Political Thinkers POL102.pdf
Economics Pass ECO-101 Micro Economics-I ECO101.pdf
Economics Honours ECO-102 Quantitative Technique-I (Mathematics) ECO102.pdf
Sociology Pass SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology SOC101.pdf
Sociology Honours SOC 102 Social Research Methods - I SOC102.pdf
Education Pass EDN 101 Psychological bases of education EDU101.pdf
Education Honours EDN 102 Pedagogy EDU102.pdf

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