Student Experience Survey

Dear All Students,

Firstly thank you all for completing the short survey monkey survey we did before Christmas, it was very helpful.  That was also a practice run as we would like to use these surveys more to get your views on different aspects of college life.  To that end we have constructed a new survey for you all to complete.

This survey will take a little longer than the first one but should only take 10 or 15 minutes depending on how much you have to say.   Please try to be concise and remember that somebody will have to read answers from all 570 students!   Ultimately the college and staff are here to serve you so your opinions are very important to us now and as we shape our future plans. 

Answers will be kept anonymous so please answer honestly. Name/Roll number required so we can see who has completed and ensure that any duplicates are filtered out (a few completed the last survey more than once!) but will not be presented with answers. 


Survey link is as follows:
Again this can be completed easily on a smart phone so share that link around on your whatsapp groups or whatever.


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