Student Email & NList access

Dear Students,

Exciting news, you now all have a college email address and access to two online portals for journals and e-books, one called 'NList' and the second the National Digital Library (NDL).  Through these resources you have access to literally millions of ebooks and journals meaning that when you are unable to find useful information through our library you should be able to find something online.

We have created this step-by-step guide to show you how to access your email and NList for the first time, and also showing how to sync your email with a smart phone. NDL is accessed in exactly the same way. 

Links to the login pages for email, NList and NDL can be found under the 'utilities' section of this website. 


Email Access; user ID and Password

The first time you access email you'll need to establish what your user name and password is.  The process is outlined in the guide linked above and described below for clarity. I trust it's simple enough for all of you to follow, but if you have an issues and your friends can't help please get in touch.

All Email IDs are in the format - - and are made up by following the steps below. 
1 - 'a' or 's' for arts or science students
2 - The year you enrolled in college, 2017 = 17, etc. 
3 - Class roll number as 3 digits, i.e. Roll 1  = 001, etc. 
4 - add ''

Password = your NU ID number.   Change this immediately! by going to the password and security section.  Note that passwords can only be changed through the webmail portal and not through Gmail app.

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