A full description of the College's rules, regulations, academic standards and disciplinary procedures can be found in the Student's Handbook.  Students are expected to familiarise themselves with this fully. 

The rules shall apply to all the students of the college whether on campus, outside campus, on college related activities such as functions, events, during inter-college competition, normal class hours and during any time that would cause adverse impact on the college reputation.

Students are required to:

a. Attend college regularly and on time.
b. Come to class with all the necessary materials as required in the particular class.
c. Keep their hair short on campus (only for men).
d. Refrain from wearing ornaments such as earrings, necklaces, big ribbons, etc
e. Refrain from colouring hair, putting on make-up and nail polish.
f. Wear clean,correct and complete uniform daily and adhere to the institution’s dress code
g. Groom properly within the dress code.
h. Only speak in English language on campus.
i. Refrain from carrying mobile phones and other prohibited electronic gadgets on the college campus.


The two committees; Anti ragging and sexual harassment committee and the Grievances Redressal Cell along with the Management will take disciplinary action on students that do not abide by these rules. If rules are broken one or more of the following disciplinary actions will be taken against the student: 

a. Warning- This may also lead to an undertaking with the management. 
b. Community Service - This may be a specified task and for specified period of time. 
c. Loss of Privileges- This can be library access, computer room access, event, competition participation, etc. 
d. Monetary Penalty- In the case of damaging/ tampering property or theft 
e. Suspension- This may be for a limited period and student will be prohibited from attending classes, activities, etc. This may affect their attendance and will in turn affect their result. 
f. Expulsion- Permanent exclusion from the institution.



* The College will not be held responsible for any major accident inside and outside the college.

* If damage done to college property, the defaulters shall pay the expenses. 

* The attendance record will be put up on the college notice board at the end of each academic session for the information of the students and their parents.



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