Composition of IQAC

1. Chairperson

Dr. J. Meren Ao, Academic head of the Institution- Principal

2. Eight faculty members:










Mrs. Alemmenla, Department of Economics

Dr. T. K. Jana, Department of Botany

Mr. Dhananjay Mondal, Department of Physics                               

Miss. Moainla, Department of English

Mrs. Jeuti Devi, Department of Philosophy

Mrs. Sumita Banik Saha, Department of Economics

Mr. Yashiliba Aier, Department of Zoology

Mrs. Rentsani N. Ngullie, Department of Chemistry



3. Two members of the Management:

Mr. Moameren Ao, Chairman & Head of the Institution

Mrs. Temsurenla, Managing Director, St. John Group of Institution

4. Two from the local Society:

Mr. Alemwadhi Ao, Rtd. General Manager, NST

Mr. Imchayanger Pongen, Legal Advisor

5. Senior Administrative Officers:

Mrs. Setuomenuo Ao, ( Administrative Head of the Institution)

Mr. A. K. Das, Vice Principal

6. Teacher as the Co-ordinator:

Dr. Temsunungla, Department of Botany of IQAC​

7. External Advisor: Mr. Peter John Banks 


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