Composition of IQAC

1. Chairperson

Prof. Dr. S.t. Janetius, Academic head of the Institution- Principal

2. Eight faculty members:











3. Two members of the Management:

Mr. Moameren Ao, Chairman & Head of the Institution

Mrs. Temsurenla, Managing Director, St. John Group of Institution

4. Two from the local Society:

Mr. Alemwadhi Ao, Rtd. General Manager, NST

Mr. Imchayanger Pongen, Legal Advisor

5. Senior Administrative Officers:

Mrs. Setuomenuo Ao, ( Administrative Head of the Institution)

Mr. A. K. Das, Vice Principal

6. Teacher as the Co-ordinator:

Dr. Temsunungla, Department of Botany of IQAC​

7. External Advisor: Mr. Peter John Banks 


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