Admission FAQs

Admission and Monthly Fee: Admission is done in each semester. Monthly fees will be affected from the month of January to June and July to December.
Withdrawal: A student may withdraw admission from the college but admission fees of any kind shall not be refunded except the refundable fees deposited at the time of admission. Monthly fees should be cleared till the month when one applies for leaving the college.

A. Winter Uniform (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar & Apr)
  i) Girls: Shirt, Trousers & black flat shoes
  ii) Boys: Shirt, blazer, trousers, necktie, black belt & black formal shoes

B. Summer Uniform (May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep & Oct)
  i) Girls: Polo shirt, trousers, Kitto chappal
  ii) Boys: Polo shirt, trousers, Kitto chappal

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